"Kingston" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.


Young Krizzle shorty, I'm on a whole nother' level man
A king and a kingston

Words is words but this that shit
And I don't know about him dog, but this my Krit
I mean this that hit
I'm a handful [?]
I can stretch green like [?]
[?] ain't nothin' to a [?] baller
Need a chick, fuck a chick, and I never ever call her
Never ever [?], niggas always stallin'
Find that time and courage to federal involvement
This is not a game dog, we know lanes honey
Swift with the stick bitch, I'm big for their shortcomings
Funny how these niggas always got they fuckin' hands up
Like a stand up comic that never ever stands up
Huh, thank God I'm not the joking type
Shut em' down, close em' down, I'm not the open type
Come Friday night, lights bring out the beast in me
I the beast in we, I destroy you easily

K alrighty(Oh my)
K alrighty
K alrighty(Oh my)
K alrighty

The littlest of niggas I drill you nigga
Mama crying on ice straight chill you nigga
Pale face and bomb influence straight fill you nigga
And only thing his folk could really really feel this nigga
The streets is talkin' only few can hear
And that bar worth jumping only few can clear
So I strap up my forces and I wait my chance
Now theres only so much money I can stuff in my pants
I stuffed in my mattress, stuff in my safe
Till a nigga paranoid that his life at stake
Then theres niggas comin' round like "give me some"
I unlock the strap then I give them one
Then I give them another cuz' I ain't stubborn
And life ain't forever and I want to see a hundred
You niggas can't get what I got
I know only one count so I take a couple shots