"On My Grind" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"On My Grind"
feat. Max Minelli

[Intro: Big KRIT]
Young Krizzle, I'm back like that man!
Man we hustled all this dope
Just like them niggas hustle that coke out [?]

[Hook: Big KRIT]
I'm on my grind baby, sun-up to sunset
I gotta hustle daily, take care there's nothin' left
They said I'd never make it, they said I'd never blow
Now I just chunk the deuce and dream of 24's
Shawty I gotta go, I see you when I see ya
Out of these non-believers, I gotta make believers
I never been a follower, I always been a leader
That's why I sell this music like trappers sell coke out [?]

[Verse 1: Big KRIT]
I want that good life, I'm talkin' dope money
Without the jump-out boys, snitches, and long gunners
I'm sayin' I need millions like I need breath
And we don't run 'round youngin' [?], we take steps
Trying to avoid death, anything for a rep
No college degree but we be the hood chefs
Takin' from the hood until there ain't a hood left
Searchin' for chickens to give up they goodness
For a little change, she'll give you a little brain
But if she catch you slippin' brains on your woodgrain
And this a hood thing, don't think you can't get got
And just 'cause you're paid, don't think you can't get shot
I show you what it's like, to live a hustlin' life
You'll be the king of your city, that's if you hustle right
Don't be a lame nigga, listen and pay attention
Play the game until you're winnin', that's how you make a livin'


[Verse 2: Max Minelli]
I swear to tell the truth, my hand on my heart
The pain in my brain, the struggle in my thoughts
My momma on my mind, know she prayin' and hopin'
Hundred dollars away from being broke but we copin'
I got my window open, my city never sleep
It ain't no turnin' back from head-first in the streets
You know that grit-ass game, yea I'm in it deep
My heart pumps soldier blood through me when it beat
My new shit gonna make the trunk rattle when it beat
I don't slang it but I can show you where to get it cheap
I don't know you and you don't know me either, so we even
But I'm willin' to die for everything I believe in
It ain't no better feelin' than seeing my daughter smile
Don't wanna see none of the shit I had to come up 'round
Niggas don't wanna put no work in but they wanna shine
I put the blueprints in my rhyme, nigga on my grind