"Ridin" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.


Young Krizzle back
What up Wally?
Aye the streets been lookin' for some shit like this man
This an anthem real quick my nigga
Mississippi till the day I die shorty
3rd Coast all the way
Aye! Y'all connected to that [?] y'all
You ain't know you know now nigga Hood Fame
What it is shorty how I ride?

Ride 24's, suicide doors
Hit it to club nigga look at these hoes
Look at these hoes, man I got plenty
Slam somethin' for em' with the wood grain in it
Get your work on, he ain't gotta front
Get your work on, he ain't gotta stunt
Get your work on, I'm doin' what you want
Get your work on, I got it and you don't

Yo! This so sick I gotta turn it up one more time

That hood fame you hear shorty

Wally motherfuckin' Sparks [2x]



Krizzle be the best to do it, ask me and I tell you why
Cuz' I'm money poor but I'm still Chevy ridin' high
Hot like a jay, smokin' crack sittin' on the moon
With a jetpack, superstacks, and no parachute
Give em' what they need dog, bonafide whip [?]
Somethin' like [?], hit em' with the quick flip
We up on some real shit, talkin' bout' they guacamole
Sittin' on some 24's, like they call my [?]
Steal here, miss the clip, hit em' hard every time
With the flow I age good, send me a little white wine
And everybody know me cuz', infiltrate the game swift
First year, ozone, really been some classic shit
Really be some flashy shit, if I go and cop the [?]
[?] green and yellow with some John Deere tan
Rollin' on these stranded sucka's
In the old school colors
Turnin' heads up on my block cuz' I'm ridin' the [?]


Hey I'm a slab ridin' lunatic
Doin' what I'm s'posed to do
Don't come to close to the ride or the wheels will run right over you
They feel me just like [?]
I'm doin' what I gotta do
Come make sure that I'm [?] to fuck with a bad bitch from Malibu
I'm steady on my grind, I hustle all the twizime
[?] for organize the for niggas thats how to [?]
Want to be a king it was all God [?]
Chillin' with some top notch hoes, they all [?]
Beg for me to make her do it, [?] sick and vicious
The Chevy sits on somethin' simply sicker than 26's
Aye I'm ridin' [?] with the bezel in my watch
Feelin' like a young cuz', hollerin' out cha cha
You can see me on top, thats just how I fizeel
Niggas gettin' salty cuz' there shorty in my grizeel
It really ain't a secret please don't signe it for a mizeel
That rocket come from Maybach and I have this on a [?]