"Hold Up" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Hold Up"

Hey this is playa shit right here my nigga
(Hey hold up)
Two step your way to the top on this one, know what I'm sayin'?
(Let me put some candy in it)
All them niggas out there on the playas houses and cuthroats and Chevies [?]
Get head swing wide

Drop top Chevy with the bubble [?]
24's on the feet, you can keep them twins
I'm grown man with it, got a mind full of pimpin'
I'm aware of this condition, a G never slippin'
Haters stand at me so I chunk up the tre
I'm feeling good, just got a clean shave and a fade
I trick out the whips, I rock the newest kicks
I cut the best broads, you [?] my shit
Y'all ain't never seen a young nigga quite like me
Mind-frame 31 but I'm only 19
Ahead of the rest, they love seeing me dawg
'Bout as much as I love seeing me ball
Whippin' on grain while I'm swanging wide
Getting head from a bopper on I-2-5
Sippin' on syrup and I'm puffin' skunk
It's like a live-show when I pop my trunk

I said hold up, wait a minute
Let me put some candy in it
Drop-top looking mean my nigga
Flying in the jet feeling clean my nigga

Hey, you can bet I got a ball out sittin' on swingers
8-Ball, M-J-G in my changer
Light up in the cloud while the bass be heavy
Haters said they never seen angel wings on a Chevy
Gleamin' and glossin', ridin' and flossin'
Buy one of everything, fuck what its costin'
If often, niggas wanna test this wonder
Got a bitch named Nina, leave you 6 feet under
When I roll through all the hoes gon' choose
Candy paint so blue, ride look like a pool
Ain't never been a lame, always been a trill nigga
Anything beside real, I ain't never fuck with it
Yea I been up 'bout my [?]
I ain't never been a faker
And I won't rock a grill unless Paul Wall make it
Hey I sip my trends that'll make my mores [?]
Gettin' paid everyday is how I play my part


I'm flying in the jet, I'm the pimp of the week
Player than a motherfuckin' car full of freaks
(I'm clean from head to toe
Cup full of lean and it overflow)
Money over bitches, gotta get this paper
Ain't shit changed, still fuck these haters

I'm leanin' back, grippin' grain
Diamonds shine and do my thang
I know you feel me, church
I know you dig me
Everything I say, you know I mean
The things I got, nigga you can't dream
Houses, cars, and clothes, church
New day, a different ho
Everything how it's supposed to be
This is the life that's meant for me


That Hood Fame, you heard shawty?